Low Carb Tips

The Low Carb diet can be rather hard to do at first, giving up pasta and toast isn’t fun. What you need to think about though, as cliché as it sounds, is “how bad do you want it?” and go from there. This diet is completely tailored to you and how fast or slow you want to go at it. Want to see results in a week then drop to 20-30g of carbs a day but if you’re not like that then see what you can do at 75g of carbs a day or even just giving up bread at one meal to ease yourself into it. Here are the tips that I found out along the way that I thought would be rather helpful.

  1. Time is key

    • Don’t go from eating bread at every meal with sweet treats in-between to eating a very limited amount. The way that I found easiest was to go from a “higher” limit of low carbs for a little while, you’ll see results trust me, then when you feel up to it go down to the low amount. For example, I ate a limit of 55g of carbs for about 3 months and got pretty far with my weight loss goals, but then when I wanted to get rid of the last few pounds I went to 20-30g of carbs a day for the last couple weeks.8bfb0ba2212c6080fef98d6c6a8c435f--weight-loss-motivation-weight-loss-tips
  2. Write it down

    • Write and record everything. What you eat, weigh, measure, and do for a workout. Yes, it may be tedious but it is incredibly helpful, and self-inspiring, to see how you’ve changed over the days, weeks, and months. I’ll be the first to admit it, I hate having to write down what I ate when I know I ate horribly that day, but it also makes me not want to have to write down something like that again. I use the Create 365 Planner for fitness and keep track of the amount of carbs I eat in a day at the bottom instead of calories, but really, any regular journal will work just as well.
  3. Know that Pinterest can be cruel

    • We’ve all been there, mindlessly scrolling through your Pinterest feed looking at the mouthwatering desserts and cake decorating videos, this applies to Tastemade on Snapchat too, I mean have you seen their macaroon videos?? The cravings that one can get from looking at these posts can be hard to say no to, the thing you need to remember is that those cravings last only about 5 minutes. So, just distract yourself by watching some cat videos or “Pizza Rat” to get your mind off of things.
  4. Salads will be your best friend

    • Salads are awesome, if made right they can fill you up for hours. The key to making the perfect salad is the use of toppings. Toppings are the main thing that fill you up with protein and healthy fats, so pile on the cheese, ham, and walnuts it’s what keeps you going.
      • Now here’s the deal with salad dressing, I highly suggest that you measure it out and read the nutrition labels. I use Ranch on my salads and use the same measured amount each day, and it works way better than just pouring an unknown amount over the top.0b99f45f4d50b562660223c4bebd020c--explain-why-the-study
  5. Don’t starve yourself

    • Hunger is the enemy, if you’re sitting at your desk starving because you didn’t have enough at your previous meal, you’re bound to go looking for empty carbs, such as chips or bakery treats. Keep quick snacks on you like almonds, a small apple, or peanut butter to go packs, they’ll fill you up enough for you to make it to your next meal.
  6. Find go to foods

    • Finding an amazing and easy go to low carb recipe or snack that you can whip up without thinking about it is incredibly helpful. It takes away the long process of trying to find something to eat, while being hungry at the same time which can make your food choices worse.  For me I make Cream Cheese Pancakes, they’re delicious and easy, plus they kind of taste like crepes and honestly who doesn’t like crepes?
      • Pinterest is great for finding low carb food ideas.
  1. Treat Yo-self

    • Eating low carb every day for months on end without a sugary sweet in sight is probably a form of torture, to some it may be easy and props to you guys, but to us regular people there are times where we just need to have a brownie or a slice of grandma’s homemade pie. To quote the infamous Sheila Buff “JUST DO IT”!!!!!! People deserve treats every once in a while. Now there are options on how to go about treating yourself.
      • Is it a good enough of a treat for it to be worth it? Think Little Debbie snack cake versus a slice of Grandma’s homemade blueberry pie, which one would you rather have?
      • Have two small slices instead of one big one. Trying to trick your mind into thinking that you got more than what you had originally thought you would allow yourself
      • Have a limited cheat day. What is that? A limited cheat day is one day of the week, choose your favorite day, to go all out in a structured way. An example of this would be ordering a pizza but making it a small so there isn’t as much or only eating two slices of a regular pizza.
      • Another way would be having a somewhat give and take method. This could be having no breadsticks at dinner but then having a dessert after. Or eating low carbs for breakfast and lunch but then eating McDonald’s for dinner.
  1. Don’t beat yourself up

    • There are going to be days and meals that won’t be your best, don’t go and try to “punish” yourself by running more miles or starving yourself the next day. Realize that tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to get back on the wagon, so to speak. We’re human not robot, we’ll mess up, learn, and move on


  2. It takes time

    • When you lose weight, your body doesn’t automatically change, it usually takes about three to four weeks before you notice the changes in your appearance. Measuring yourself at the beginning of your journey then about once a month is a great way to track your changes, just don’t forget to write it down. It’s always a great self-motivator to see the changes that the scale doesn’t show you.IMG_9453
  3. It doesn’t last forever

    • There are times you want to focus on losing weight then there are times where you just want to maintain it. When you get to that weight you want to be at try and stay there for a week or two then if that’s where you’re happy at gradually start to incorporate more carbs into your diet, but don’t go all out or the progress you made could be lost.

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