Low Carb Challenge

Day One

Here it is, day uno of my low carb challenge. What is it? Well, for the next eight weeks, basically ‘til the end of October, I’m going to be staying between 25 & 35 carbs a day. I think that it’s low enough to make a difference in my weight, measurements, and appearance, and isn’t so low that I can’t function. I haven’t ever stuck to that low of a carb measurement before so it’ll be interesting to see how hard or easy it will be for me to do.

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To start I don’t have a scale available to me so I’ll be measuring my progress by literally measuring myself once a week. So today I’m at

Waist 30 in

Hips 40 in

Upper Arm 11 in

Hopefully I go down, I don’t want to say a lot but like six pack abs that I could see would be nice. I’m also hoping that if I keep my protein intake up that I won’t lose too much strength, to do that I’ll be drinking some protein shakes in a makeshift blender bottle.

Today for my workout I went to the gym that my dorm has and was planning on rowing a 5k, but apparently the rower in the basement is just a basic one without any tracker on it or anything. So instead I went and did a straight 15-minute row, I think it went well I got really sweaty which means I must have done some work, right?

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Day Two

Today was more interesting, my dorm cafeteria only has a continental breakfast setup so my options were VERY limited, which sucked. Yesterday I had some peanut butter and celery for my breakfast but apparently that wasn’t an option for me. Guess what I had. Plain Greek yogurt, as in no vanilla, no sugar, and no fun. My mom being the amazing person that she is sent me up with a care package that had some hunters sausage in it, so that was helpful at getting me to lunch.

Lunch was a lot easier, and tastier. I was trying to go for a lettuce wrap burger, but they didn’t have any whole leaves so I ended up grabbing two burgers throwing some cheese on top with a bit of BBQ sauce and ate it like that. I filled the other side of my plate with cauliflower and broccoli, which wasn’t great without ranch dip but was still pretty okay. I had to eat my dinner early, because my dining hall is only open ‘til 7 right now and I was going to my first CrossFit class up here at 5:30-7:00, but I did end up missing the dinner rush and ended up having some pretty delicious Swedish meatballs.

For my workout today it was a little bit different than what I normally do at my gym back home. There was the warm up, at home could be on your own or with a group but still one on one, we had to do a relay team doing various movements with a medicine ball along with burpees, ball slams, and squats. But the workout was something that I had never done before, we had to do 7×3 Zercher Squats, the link is here if you want to see what they look like.

Over all it’s been a little harder than I thought it would be to find substitutions, there aren’t as many options as I was hoping that there would be. I’m holding out hope that this is just their summer breakfast plan and that it’ll change a bit come next week when school is fully in session.

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