Living in the College Cafeteria

Finding the right balance of eating to not eating is hard. Right now, I’m trying my hardest to stick to my low carb diet, but I’m hungry every night. I’ve done the basics on drinking a ton of water because “you’re not hungry you’re just thirsty,” ummmm sorry but nope. I’ve written down my meals and about how many carbs that I’m eating, which is way underestimated since my mom sent me my first care package full of homemade cookies. Now I’m wondering if it’s really even possible for me to get results while trying to live off of a cafeteria based food budget?


I thought that it wouldn’t be that hard, like they’d have eggs or bacon in the mornings, at least some kind of protein to hold me over. Yes, sometimes they do, with an amazing make your own omelet bar, that is fantastic, but on the days that it’s closed…well they kind of suck. The choices I have are okay, but not the greatest if you’re aiming away from the grain, see what I did there? For example, yesterday for breakfast there was the option of blueberry pancakes with hash browns, thinly sliced ham, and yogurt. Three of those things are relatively high in carbs, yes you could argue that the yogurt isn’t, but it wasn’t plain Greek yogurt instead it was regular vanilla that I topped with a small bit of granola. In all reality, when counting carbs the yogurt won’t be the breaking point of the day, but it can affect the food choices that I make for the rest of the day.

I’m finding out that the further along I go the more often I’m hungry, which is something that you shouldn’t have to put yourself through for the sake of your diet, all I’m is saying you shouldn’t starve yourself to a healthy shape because that is not healthy. As of now I’m really having to take a look at what I’m eating and what I need to change in order to be full and able to make it between mealtimes, and not only achieving that because I ate a whole pizza. The hungrier you are between meals not only will you overeat when that meal comes, but you’ll also want to head to the quick fixes…carbs.

I’ve come up with some ideas so far on how I can eat enough to get me through the day, and if I have to eat a few pancakes…darn (sarcasm). I’ll keep you guys posted on how it’s going and if I found a way to not be as hungry between meals like I am now at times.

If you guys have ANY suggestions please, please, please let me know I need the advice and I’m sure that others do too.

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