The Dreaded Bandwagon

So here I am about 5 weeks into college life with, a somewhat unhappy view of college life so far. There have been a lot of things that have gone wrong so far, I mean there are some that are my fault, well technically they all are, and it’s making me sort of disappointed in myself. I’ve had all these goals that I’ve wanted to achieve, but I feel like every time I try to get somewhere something ends up going wrong and those goals are put off.


For example, the “Low Carb Challenge” that I was trying to do. I mean I could play it off as it being the fault of the cafeteria not having, healthy options that I need to be able to stay full for long periods of time. But honestly it was hard, harder than I thought it would be and I gave up. Yeah, it’s kind of hard for me to admit but when you look at it that’s what I did, and I want to change. I want to be feeling as inspired as I was in August when I first read Christmas Abbott’s book, I want to get back on track and stick with it, I want to find a way to have some skin in the game so that I’ll actually stick with it this time.

Fit Withdrawal

Then there’s my knee and actual working out, the big picture is my body broke…again. Earlier this summer I was in training for a CrossFit competition and one of the ways I was training was by doing hill runs, and one day I over did it and ended up with my knee hurting and a bit swollen, so being me and not thinking anything of it I wrapped and iced on it for a few days. Fast forward to about three weeks ago, my knee had doubled in size, hurt to the touch, and had the occasional electric tingle going down it. So I went and got an appointment with a sports doctor and found out that I have bursitis in my knee…yeah, who would’ve thought. According to the doctor he hadn’t seen a case like mine in years but he just saw two in one day. Now I’ve  been banned from doing anything too intense, basically no CrossFit which sucks. I’ve literally been going so stir crazy, I miss it so much, and I may have compared not working out to drug withdrawals, when complaining to my mom on the phone the other day.

Having my knee problem combined with a lack of structured eating and a known yet unknown school schedule can make anyone feel like they’re no in control anymore. I want to get back to structured eating and on track with my fitness goals, and  I don’t want to wait until January to do it. I mean January is great to start getting serious about it again but I want to do some “maintenance” right now so I’m not starting from square one…yanno? Any tips on how to not feel out of control in life or how to go about eating better would be much appreciated.

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