Well hello there, if you’re reading this then you’re most likely someone like me; a person who breathes oxygen, an addict (the workout kind), a person who just wants to avoid the highly advertised yet hated freshman 15 for the first few months, or wants to get some advice on how to drop those dreaded last few pounds, from someone online that they’ve never met and is just giving you their own life experiences. Now that we’ve established the basics lets continue; my name is Katelyn and I, like many of you possibly are, am a freshman in college. I know, I know you’re probably thinking, “What does an 18-year-old think that they can teach me that other sites/people/nutritionists can’t?” Well the answer to that is rather simple, I’m here to give you my take on what works for me and what I think can easily work for people from all over.

Now that we’ve hopefully gotten past that awkwardness let me tell you a little about me. I’m a freshman at MTU and have a love for decadent desserts and painful WODs (workout of the day), if you knew what that meant HURRAY you found a fellow CrossFitter! If you didn’t no big deal you’ll soon find out how addicted people, aka me, can get to CrossFit.  And it has had some amazing results for me, results that I’d rather improve on instead of losing it to the carb heavy meal options of the campus cafeteria.

Why low carb? Well lets start wayyy back in the beginning of February this past year. I was getting really frustrated with where I was at with my weight and my overall appearance. It seemed that no matter how much I worked out and “watched what I ate”, I couldn’t get rid of those last few pounds. Then my mom then told me the about the easiest way she had found for losing weight, which was through counting her carbs. I was like “what the heck, why not just give it a fair try?” so I did and the results were FANTASTIC. Yes, it was hard with my sister constantly baking mouthwatering treats, cake decorating videos on Pinterest, Tastemade on Snapchat, and my dad and brothers poking fun at me, but I made it losing 10 lbs. and got that beloved flat stomach in the end.



After reaching my goal weight I decided to take a break from low carb life and go to more of a maintenance program, essentially eating more carbs. That was at the beginning of June and what’s happened since then hasn’t been what I was hoping for. Yes, my weight has stayed the same but that flat tummy? Gone. Yep, just like that. I’ve kept with the same amount of working out and have actually increased it, but no change. So I figure that since I’m heading off to college and will be living off mainly cafeteria food for the next few months when I’ve barely ever eaten cafeteria food before, I decided to go back to strict low carb.

Now I’ve tried finding sites that were aimed at college students who wanted ideas on staying healthy while having limited food options, but there weren’t very many. Now here I am, about to attempt to “teach” people how to stay fit through college, high school, or just everyday life. I believe that there are so many people who are going to college, are still in high school, or are going to be the new person at work, that want to change, without having to pay for the advice that they weren’t ever taught in school. Knowledge is power and your health isn’t something that just goes away.